Free-Funeral-Stationery - The Funeral Service

The Funeral Service Ceremony

Your first step is to consult with the person who you have chosen to conduct the ceremony - be it a clergyman or humanist minister - who will be able to guide you through the specific rites and order of service.

Flowers: Will you have funeral flowers? Or will you ask guests to make a donation to a charity, and if so which one? You will need to liaise with the undertaker, or organise with the florist, the choice of family flowers.

Music: Will you having live music at the ceremony - an organist, singers or an instrumentalist? If so, you will need to check availability before setting the date. If you are going to play recorded music, have you made a choice? Do you need to consult friends or other relations, or borrow CDs?
If your funeral service is taking place in a church, you will need to check with a member of clergy that your musical choices are considered suitable.

Speakers: Decide who you would like to make formal addresses at the ceremony and check their willingness and availability. If you would like the clergyman, minister or officiant to deliver the tribute, ensure that they are properly briefed.

Readings: Choose the texts you would like to be read during the service, and decide who you would like to deliver the readings. Check their availability, and - if you are opting for a church service - ensure that your choices are acceptable with the officiating member of clergy.

Private or public? Decide whether you want to restrict the number of mourners. If you do not want people to turn up unexpectedly, you should add the words 'funeral service private' to the death notice.

Transportation: The funeral director will be in charge of transporting the deceased, and will consult you about the hearse. You will need to organise - usually with the help of the funeral director - a car to take the chief mourners to the ceremony, and possibly on to the cemetery or crematorium.

Pall Bearers: Many ceremonies do not require pall-bearers; the coffin is already in position before the mourners enter the church/chapel. If you want the coffin to be formally carried into the church, the funeral directors can supply pall-bearers. Alternatively, you can elect to use pall-bearers from amongst the mourners. The minimum you will need is four, possibly six.