Free Funeral Thank You Notes

Free Funeral Thank You Notes

A response to letters of sympathy and condolence is not necessary and should never be expected. However, it is a thoughtful gesture if the time is taken to reply. It also provides the chance for the bereaved to thank any individuals who have been especially supportive or helpful.

Funeral Thank You Notes are intended to be sent within two weeks of services to the following people:

  • Anyone who sent flowers, donations, gifts or cards
  • Clergy
  • Pallbearers
  • Friends and loved ones who provided services such as babysitting, food, or driving in the funeral procession

Some suggested Funeral Thank You Note wording:

  • My family and I are very thankful to you for your comforting words of condolence on the death of ... . Your fond memories of ... are greatly appreciated.
  • On behalf of ... , I am writing to thank you for the (beautiful floral arrangement) (card) (expression of sympathy) (generous charitable donation) you sent to honor the memory of ... . Your thoughtfulness during this difficult time for our family is greatly appreciated.
  • The note you sent after ... died was very thoughtful and touching. It was a sad and trying time for me, and your support truly boosted my spirits. Thanks for sharing your memories of ... . Thank you for being so understanding and compassionate. It really helped.
  • Thank you for so generously taking care of the funeral services. Your generosity and kindness brings tears to my eyes. The services were absolutely beautiful. Your friendship and support is truly a blessing. Words cannot express my feelings of gratefulness. Thank you.
  • Thank you for coming to the funeral. Your presence at the services is truly appreciated. At times like these, the company of friends is incredibly comforting. Thanks again.
  • Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Your generosity and support during this difficult time is greatly appreciated.
  • This is a very difficult time for all of us. We are saddened by the passing of ... . Your presence helped to lighten our burden. I was grateful to enjoy your company and hear your lovely memories.
  • Thank you for attending the services and the lovely flowers. I appreciate you taking the time to come and share in the remembrance of ... . Although this is a sad time for all of us, I find comfort in knowing how fortunate, he/she and I have been to know you.